What's your Birthstone?

Picking your first gem can be rather hair-raising (It took be over 3 hours to decide on my first). One common way is via your birth month. That is one stone we should have at least one in our jewelry box. 

Mine's a ruby, what's yours? 

Month Gem
Belief & Meanings
January Garnet Often worn for protection. In the past, it was believed that garnets illuminate the night and protect their wearer from any sort of evil. Said to ease arthritis, varicose veins and backaches.
February    Amethyst Calms the emotions, creates clarity of thought and assist in attaining wisdom. Said to help you let go of all that is old and holding you back from embracing your spiritual destiny. Historical insignia for power including the Egyptians and in church.
March   Aquamarine Ancient belief that they originate from the mermaid's treasure chest and is regarded as the sailors' lucky stone. Believe that it help the wearer connect with the ocean of awareness and creativity.
April    Diamond
Purest of all gemstones and the hardest substance known to man. Believed to help increase personal clarity in the mind and body.
May   Emerald Aids in the healing of the physical and emotional body - bringing life, healing mental and emotional causes of physical illness.
June Pearl / Moonstone
Pearl - Enhances physical healing, creativity and anger management. 
Moonstone - Sooth stress and anxiety especially for the body's lymph nodes and healing for women who experience hormone imbalances.
July Ruby Protection from misfortune and bad health and used to open the heart and promote love. Believe to aids in the healing of the emotional body by allowing love and joy to enter your life.
August   Peridot Thought to have the power to cure asthma, calm anxiety and make the wearer more articulate. Promotes success in relationships and marriage. Also believed to have the power to dissolve enchantments - works best when the stone is set in gold.
September   Sapphire Used to enhance mental clarity and heal the mind. Increase the wearer's mental potential.
October   Opal / Tourmaline
Opal - Believed by Romans to be a lucky charm for those born under the sun sign related to October. Also worn for protection, good fortune, and relief from health problems.
Green Tourmaline - believed to stimulate creativity, attract money and success in business, while pink helps to balance emotions and alleviates stress and obsessive behavior.
November Yellow Topaz / Citrine
Yellow Topaz - Encourage self-realisation and confidence. banish bad dreams.
Citrine - Said to unwind tension and increase body flexibility. Believed to enhance wealth to the wearer.
December           Blue Topaz / Turquoise / Tanzanite
Topaz- Aids in mental clarity and focus. Also helps to reduce mood swings and worries.
Turquoise - a good general healer for all illnesses, and gives its wearer greater wisdom and understanding, while enhancing trust and kindness. 
Tanzanite - Used to uplift and open the heart. Clear tanzanite is used for healing and meditation

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