Tip: How to Find Out His/Her Ring Size without His/Her Knowledge

You have picked the gem and finalised the design, now you are stumped. You do not know his/her ring size!
Here are some ways you can get a good fit without them suspecting... 


Method 1 (most effective): Obtain one of his/her rings that fit him/her well on the finger. Measure its internal diameter excluding metal. Note the average length of 3 measurements.

Method 2 (more effective on women): Bring her to an open jewelry corner and let her play with the rings on display. Secretly take note on the ring that fits her best.

Method 3 (last resort): If all else fails, bring him/her to our store and we can have it properly sized with a ring sizer. Btw, one of our team member is rather accurate on estimating ring sizes just by looking at the finger. Maybe she can help too ;)

A few things to note on finger sizes:

- Best time to measure is at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm, not cold.

- Your ring size will be about half a size larger on your dominant hand.

- The average woman's size is US 6.

- The average man's size is US 10.

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