Vintage Victorian Rings

I really love vintage rings especially the vintage Victorian ones. They are so intricate and romantic and I've have been wanting to design my own collection for some time. Thanks to Y who renewed my passion by sending me mouth-watering pics of vintage Tiffany rings, the first set are finally out! Do check them out and tell me what you think!


Ok, confession time, yes, I used moissanites in most, which I personally think are a good substitute to diamonds. Compared to diamonds, they are more than 2x more sparkly and only 2nd in hardness to it, which means they are even hardier than sapphires and rubies! Natural moissanites comes from meteorites, which means they are very rare. More easily accessible are lab-grown ones, which are exactly the same chemical composition, hardness and brilliance as the natural ones. Plus, each comes with a Charles & Colvard (the creator) certificate for authenticity and guarantee. At a fraction of the cost of diamonds and fully conflict-free, who's complaining ;)

Now, it's no longer diamonds that last forever...



May 14, 2012

Hey thanks for your kind words :) I love vintage items too coz they have a story behind them


May 09, 2012

Beautiful, beautiful vintage rings! I think it’s a dream come true for some people who want something unique and classy. Or I could just be biased… I love vintage items! Very nice. Personally, I favour the Vintage Wedding Ring I.

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