I am an artist

Wow...this poster really hit it home for myself and many of the fellow artists I meet and know. 

In this mass production era, it's so easy to take for granted the hard work needed to create 'art' from nothing. Everything we make is born out of countless head cracking, tireless sketching and making to emerge from the rejected 'mock-ups'. 

Add the pressure to make and sell enough to pay bills and put food on the table, suddenly an idle pleasure transforms into disciplined work...and a full-time job!

Please don't get us wrong. We are not complaining...just hoping for a little more appreciation. Just because something look so effortless, it does not mean it is...

Most importantly, we are extremely grateful for the endless support from family, friends and the numerous like-minded customers turn friends...it is because of you that we are still here. Thank you :D

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