What is success in the arts industry?

Stumbled upon this intriguing Etsy post while surfing. It hits a double whammy of what's in my mind recently. The report stated that the arts industry is under valued and thus, dying. Hmm, so it's not only in Singapore... What really resonates are the comments which perhaps explain why artists are still emerging (and looks like increasingly) despite the lack of support:

 Here are some nuggets...

"Success for an artist means being free to express yourself and live the life you choose instead of dying slowly in a cubicle."

"When you support handmade it's like getting a small piece of someone else's story in life."

"Especially in the US, we are brainwashed by the media about what to value. Mainly, this large scale advertising is focused on mass produced items such as cell phones and beer. This is what pays for the advertising..." (hmm...food for thought...)

 "Success is defined by the happiness that your life brings to you, not how much money you make or how people view you. Live free."

"For me, success is when I feel happy, content, and excited about the work I'm doing. Follow what feels right to you (not all those little voices out there!), and you'll find your creative path."

The post got me thinking again on what is success to me? 

It is because of this question that I started this journey...choosing to take an uncertain and much tougher road over a cushy office job that pays me well enough to indulge in designer brands and eat at posh restaurants.

Funny thing is after reading that post, I asked myself again how do I define success. So many years down this path, I do admit the dream job is not always clear skies and endless rainbows. It has its own ups and downs, and own set of challenges to overcome. 

I was reminded of the answer at Public Garden last week...success is seeing a solemn face lighten up with a smile when they first see one of my creations. It's an incredible feeling to know that what you have created brought a little bit of happiness to someone else. 

Arts enrich us much more than we realise - spiritually and emotionally. That's why it would never die...

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