Pia Yok!

Literally translated from Hokkien as 'bring out medicine', it means finding trouble for oneself. That is what a dear friend of mine calls me as I always finding new projects to embark on even though my work schedule could be filled to the brim...

I am happy so finally to be able to move forward with project egg shell plants I have been wanting to grow since a light bulb stroke when I found some cute ceramic eggshells in Japan a year ago. Stuck because I couldn't find any fresh soil and my friend refused to let me buy a big bag of soil for 3 tiny eggs, the project stalled. Few days ago, as I was rummaging through the cupboard, I found a pack of pink coloured water gels and the perfect solution. 

You see, besides being 'pia yok', I am also known to have totally no green fingers at all. As much as I love plants, I can't grow them as any plant chosen by me will have to endure extreme drought and floods as I got so busy I forgot to water them! So, these water gels, which barely need watering is the perfect solution for green fingerless me.

After much difficulty, and staining one of the pristine creamy egg shells with pink stains in the process, I finally managed to fill them up with the gel balls. Just need a couple of green and red beans to finally see the green sprouts. Hope they will survive!


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