New Toy

I think i have finally given up waiting for Apple to come out with an iPad with phone functions . When Galaxy Note 10.1 came out, i know this is the 'phone-tablet' I have been waiting for since the first iPad.

Finally...a true all-in-one where i can sketch, take notes, surf net, blog, take pics, collect inspirations, make presentations, email, send digital invoices and make calls! Funny that the reviews aren't that great but guess I am one of those design geeks who appreciate the S note function.

Ok just couple of little inconveniences - the size takes some getting used to now that my phone can't fit in a pocket or small purse. And Kies needs some figuring out...i certainly don't appreciate that it uploaded over 8000 pics in my computer to my phone and jamming up my gallery!

Check out my big phone...

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