One of my first 'art pieces'

Ok, I admit I haven't been really good at updating my blog. One reason is when there is something I want to share, I am not near my computer and when I am near a computer, that post doesn't seem so fresh anymore. Hopefully, with my new phone-tablet, I can be more regular and current.

Yes, back to artwork. Kies caused me to have to sift through 8000+ pics, which resulted in many trips down memory lane. Including the time when I am still searching in my true purpose in life is...feels like eons ago now. 

During that time, I had a break from corporate strife and I finally found time to put together a glass, laminate and fabric collage I have been wanting to do since I was an ID intern in an agency and just didn't because I got too busy at work. Boy, that was almost 2 decades ago! After completing it, I took a pic and stored the actual piece in the storeroom (as there isn't any space to display it) to be seen again one day when I have a home that is truly my own again...

Here's my little amateur 'art piece'...Ain't that great I know but it sort of gave me an insight on what truly makes me happy.

Lesson in life- take time to listen to quiet voice of your heart and only when you follow it, will you truly be happy and fulfilled. Everyone has their own definition of success. The important thing is identify your own definition and pursue it.

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