Lessons from Swimming

Swimming is not only good for the body but also good for the mind and soul. From sports, I learnt many life lessons and sorted out many problems.  There are always interesting people to observe at the pool. From the shoals of 'little fishes' (I meant the little kids who look like they barely can walk and now taking swimming lessons) who look like they are gasping for air as they swim their breadth laps, to couples trying to do funny things under the water thinking no one will notice, to ego warts silently competing with you to see who covers their laps faster. 

Today, I met two girls who can really cut through water very swiftly with their breaststroke. After a few laps, I realised they seem to be waiting for me when I reach one end and setting off as i turned to start a new lap, so as to race to me to the other end. Yes, they are faster and I have to remind the competitive ego in me that I am not here to compete and wear myself out. And so I ignored them and refused to let them dictate my pace. 

Suddenly, I see a parallel of this incident with what I was experiencing in my biz. Yes, there are others who can move faster than me because they have a bigger team, have more money to spare to outsource work and so do less work and yet cover more. It's tempting to compare and frustrating when you are compared with them but I realised I have my own objectives. I choose to do the designing and making myself because I enjoy the process. This is not just a business for me. It's a passion and love for jewelry-designing and making. It has been wonderful meeting people from all walks of life. Hearing their stories and creating something that will become part of them. Most incredibly, it has grown to a stage that it can sustain me. I am very glad and feel blessed. Do I want to be top in the market or a huge jewelry enterprise?  Maybe not if that is going to take away the essence why I am here in the first place. 

Lesson learnt - Choose your own battles. Win your own race.

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