Look from a new perspective

The past few months have been crazy and i think my body is finally telling me its too much :p Had an asthma relapse last week and thought i was getting better and it hit me again late last night. Finally sedated with meds now and guess what? i am up again at 7am. Crazy i know...still having difficulty breathing a bit but can't resist some online surfing. 

A friend of mine posted some pics of street art in Germany. I totally love 2 of them and think there are important lessons behind them..Take a breather and look at everyday things around you in a new perspective. Anything ordinary or even unsightly can be beautiful if you see it with an open heart and mind. On the same note, what seems bad now, can be something good if you see it in the different light. If life throws you lemons, make lemonade!

This is a timely valuable reminder for me. Hope its useful for you too. Like an addiction, i suddenly start thinking how can i translate it into jewelry. Think it is a great muse for me now to explore this new path and i am tempted to start sketching again but think i better rest a bit more before i start coz i know it would end up...after sketching, i will be excited to start making and will not stop till it materialise in my hands. 

ok...my bed beckons. 

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