An outing with Tanjong Bazaar

Last month, we met with the gorgeous people behind Tanjong Bazaar at the ecocafe and what they did almost brought tears to our eyes.

Thanks to Yvette and Kat, we had a chance to see how our jewelry can look like in a photoshoot with professional and talented models and photographers. 

When they invited us, we were expecting to be a part of a photoshoot feature but it turned out to be an exclusive feature just on us!

It felt almost like a dream to watch them carefully select the pieces and styling them with their outfits. We were totally blown away by how they posed so naturally and elegantly, breathing life into our creations. 

They have posted part 1 of their shots and here's a sneak check out more at their blog (and 2nd blog) and you will know why we are so in awe.

Yvette, Kat - Thank you for making our jewelry look so beautiful!


Photo credit: Tanjong Bazaar


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