Do you 添金 ?

Do you believe in 添金 (means fill with gold in Chinese)? Heard it is a Chinese tradition to buy a piece of gold jewellery every new year so as to ensure your year is filled with prosperity. Hmm...or is it an old wives' tale to get more jewellery?

Whatever it is, here's my contribution to the tradition commissioned by a customer - named '一点金' or 'A Drop of Gold'.

 18K yellow gold droplet with raw silver diamond

Love the contrast between the soft raw silver diamond and the vibrant buttery yellow of 18K gold. 

I've made the piece so when worn it looks like a gold droplet dripping off the edge of the chain while the diamond sits precariously on top of the chain like a tight roper walker. 

Can you spot the Chinese brush stroke accent? Made by the contrast between the polished and matte finishing on the droplet :)

To complete it, I engraved a tiny 福 (means fortune) at the back of the pendant.

May you have a prosperous new year!

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