A touching story

Stumbled upon a touching story of a resilient spirit who broke down. Paula Radcliffe has an admirable fighting spirit and her words really hit home:

"My sport is a beautiful sport, it gives so much fun and enjoyment, I believe helps me to be a better person, and I have been very fortunate to experience some great success and have so many beautiful and happy memories. However, the downside is that it can break your heart and spirit many times over when your body is simply unable to match what your heart and brain want it to do. Sadly mine is not a career or a hobby where mind over matter can work when your body is hurt, nor where giving less than your best each day can ever work.”

Yes, we must fight to build our dreams but at the same time, i think we must stay open to what life brings. Instead on focusing on what she wants and fails to achieve, she should look at what she has achieved and flow with life. She set an olympic record for God's sake!  What's the point of competing with others? There will always be someone better and worst than you. This is especially in sports, age is definitely an edge...as we grow older each day, we are never likely to run as fast than our much younger selves.

Life is funny thing. You can't always will it to form in the way you want it to what turned out will always be the best for you. 

So to Paula and all us, lets keep fighting but don't forget to flow!


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