Choose happiness

In a recent conversation with a friend, I realised how much so many of us put off happiness...I will be happy when I get that promotion. I will be happy when I find the love of my life. I will be happy when I reach my target income.... In essence like how my friend state it - "I will be happy when my life is good".

I say otherwise. 

I say...My life is good when I am happy.

Why are we putting off happiness or tagging it to an external event, not entirely under our control? Life is ever changing and the only thing we have in control are our attitude and reaction to the it. This i speak from personal experience...I was very much a habitual pessimist, realist or whiner, whatever we may call it. It is only recently that I 'woke up' and suddenly asked myself why am I making myself feeling bad.

Instead of looking at the things I don't have and tagging my happiness to achievement of them, I started counting the things I have and realised how blessed I have been. Ever since I started doing that, I have only one thing to is good, AND it gets better everyday :D

Seriously, it's that funny and no, I am not lying to myself or anything. Ever since I become at peace with the world and started being thankful for every little thing that I have, more doors started opening and more blessings come, which made me even happier. It's a wonderful cycle to get into.

So I matter where you are in life now, there is always something to be happy for, treasure and give thanks for them, choose to see the good and be happy. Then you will see, how good truly life is.

Have a happy life!


Source: This is a sign created by Sarah Stevens, who hand makes beautiful inspiring signs in wood.
Do check out her works here :)

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