I finally overcome one of my greatest fears and that was to swim in the competition pool. Interestingly, this sort of mirror the stage in my life now.

Yes, embarrassingly, i am afraid of swimming in waters deeper than my height although i have been waxing lyrical about swimming. About a year ago, i taught myself to swim. Half a breath became one. One breath became 2. Then into 1 lap. Next thing i know, i am swimming non-stop laps for at least an hour. As i became better at swimming, i also became a better person and my work improved. But i never dared venture beyond the 1m pool i 'grew up' in. 

Not that i didn't try. Just once and my heart beated so fast as i near the middle that i could not control my breathing, and you know that is a disaster for breaststroke. After that, i always stuck to the 1m pool and was happy there until recently, circumstances forced me to face my fear again.

On the first day, i tried to convince the lifeguards to let me swim in my 1m pool although it was not open. Hoping that my fear will buy some sympathy points. Instead, they told me coldly to just swim on the outermost lanes, which have standing ledges. And that was what i did, hoping on and off the ledge each time i feel my heart beating too fast. 

I tried all kinds of ways to distract myself from the pools depth. Those aunties hopping endlessly from the pool's floor to the water edge did not help...reminding me how deep the water was. 

In parallel, in life, i have once again put myself into unknown territories again. So the swims became sort of a self-reminder to draw on my inner strength to overcome both. Slowly, the waters looked less scary and now, i swam like normal, except it's the big pool. 

As i swam today, i suddenly remembered one of my mentor/superior's words when i first took up a new role and had to manage staff for the first time. After listening to my fears of not being able to do the job, she told me, "Everything that you need is in you. You just need to believe in yourself." 

She was right, after awhile i realised everything i went through in the past will eventually be lessons for the present. This mindset has enabled me to adjust to new environments and see both the similarities or differences that i apply or learn. Thus enlarging my perspective while adding new possibilities to the present.

So lesson from swimming today is no matter what challenges you are facing now, remember to believe in yourself. You have everything that you need to overcome them. Stay open, be patient and never give up, and it will one day become an achievement you are proud of.

 Oh btw, although i can now swim rather comfortably, i still stick to the 2nd outermost lane :p

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