our story

We believe that jewelry should have a story.

As mini sculptures worn close to our body,

each piece we wear should remind us of a special message or a treasured time in our lives.

Beyond ornamentation, they also reveal to others a little bit of who we are.


My Vintage Jewel Box (mvjb) is founded by jewelry artist, ryn and chris, and based in Singapore. In love with the ancient art of making jewelry, all their works are painstakingly made by hand using traditional jewelry-making techniques and tools.
Each creation proudly bears the handprint of the maker, and breaks away from conventional styles to emerge in organic forms and hand-forged textures. 
Infused with meaning, each is born from a simple idea or story, and a wish to inspire and help its wearer reminisce or reconnect to life's simple joys.
For lasting quality, fine materials are used including 14K to 22K gold, US sterling silver and genuine gemstones.



Design Museum Shop
28 Maxwell Rd, Red Dot Traffic Ground Floor
Singapore 069120
Opening hours: 1100hrs to 2000hrs daily

National Design Centre
Ground  floor, 111 Middle Road, S188969
Opening hours: 1100hrs to 2100hrs daily

8 Queens Street #01-04
Singapore 188535
Opening hours: 1000hrs to 2100hrs daily

Threadbare & Squirrel
660 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188797
Opening hours: 1230hrs to 2000hrs Mon to Thu, 1230hrs to 2130hrs Fri to Sat, 1300hrs to 2000hrs Sun


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