Chrysanthemum Necklace - Pearl and Sunstone

  • Love the beautiful petals of the spider chrysanthemum. So I designed a special pendant clasp based on it.

    Bright and cheery sunstones with little gold sparkles adds fresh colour to the soft glow of the freshwater pearl necklace. The hand carved chrysanthemum transforms the piece into a unique, contemporary yet timeless piece.

    The chrysanthemum means 'golden flower' in Greek, is one of the 4 noble flowers to Chinese and a symbol of the sun to Japanese, who loves it so much they even organise an annual 'Festival of Happiness' for it.

    Symbolising optimism and happiness, Confucius said to meditate with it. A single petal in a wine glass is said to promote a long and healthy life.

  • Material: US sterling silver. Also available with 18K rose / yellow gold-plating, and in 14 to 22K gold. Freshwater pearls and natural sunstone gem beads.

    Size: Chrysanthemum is about 3/4". Overall necklace length - 17"

    *For solid gold cost, please email
  • Each necklace is made-to-order. 

    Appearance might vary slightly as each piece is individually handmade.

    Production will take 4 to 6 weeks following purchase.

    For more information on ordering, please go to 'Store FAQs'.

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