The Pursuit of Space - Dali Long Ring Necklace

  • This started from a picture in my head that was trying very hard to come out. 

    I imagined a strip of metal forming itself freely around a finger. It is not conformed by how a 'ring' should look like and just seeks to form its own space and define its own shape. This is what evolved and the final result sort of reminded me of Dali's famous painting - The Persistence of Memory' (take peep of how it looks like here) so I call it the Dali ring. 

    It can be worn in numerous ways and the nonchalant droopy vibe it gives out brings a smile to my face each time I wore it. 

    There are two versions - the more 'normal' one and the more extreme one, which is longer and droopier.

    Think it also looks great as a pendant too and so I've have thrown in a sterling silver necklace to the piece. 

    By itself, the various looks at different angles fascinates me that I think I took way too many pictures. Don't worry, I have spared you with just a few ;)

  • Material: Available in Vintage gold bronze, US sterling silver (special soft matte / semi-oxidised finish), 18K rose / yellow gold-plated on silver, and solid 14K to 18K gold

    Size: Pendant - about 33mm length, Necklace is 20"

    *For solid gold cost, please email 

    *Vintage gold bronze comes in the bright 14K gold-like colour initially and reacts with the air to look darker as time passes. Use a metal cleaner/polish to restore the shine or just enjoy its evolving vintage colour.

  • Each necklace is made-to-order. 

    Appearance might vary slightly as each piece is individually handmade.

    Production will take 4 to 6 weeks following purchase. 

    For more information on ordering, please go to 'Store FAQs'.

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Category: alternative metals, gold, Silver

Type: Hybrids

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