Vintage Remix - Jade Peach

  • A vintage light green jade peach is held by a hand forged silver branch to form a unique necklace. For Chinese, the peach is a symbol of a good, long life, where peach-shaped jewellery and ornaments are presented gifts at birthdays of respected elderly who are 50 years old and above. Giving them is a symbol of respect and wish for the person to continue to live a long, happy life. At the birthdays, there are even pink and white buns formed in the shape of the peach!

  • Material: US sterling silver

    Gem: Vintage jade peach is over 20 years old. 

    Size: Branch - about 2" length, Peach - 28mm length, Necklace is 17"

  • SOLD

Collections: inspirations, Necklaces

Category: Silver+gem

Type: Necklace

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